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There's a hole in the bucket

jlferris06 -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Replacement

iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Replacement

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You know how one thing often leads to another? There's a humorous old song that describes a twisted chain of events that that come up in the process of fixing the bucket. One thing leads to another. My home button was not responding but only intermittently. So I ordered a new home button and cable, installed it but then it wouldn't work at all. On closer inspection I discovered I had damaged the cable that connects the home button contacts which are part of the Lightning connector.

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I read through the step by step guide to replace the lightning connector. I thought I just might be able to manage it but I was intimidated. After all you've got to take just about every component of the phone apart to get at the lightning connector. All those tiny screws and cable connections! Anyway, I followed the guide meticulously, sweated a lot and by the grace of God was able to complete the repair successfully. It probably took an hour to an hour and a half. Sorry no pics.

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The only really serious hurdle was the that the instructions for step 33, removing the Lightning connector and speaker enclosure assembly from the rear case didn't say anything about how hard it was to actually free the charging port from the case. A note stating that this might be a struggle would have helped. Or a note that said when the connector comes out the charging port and the headphone jack come with it. I'm sure this is 2nd nature to the pros but it was sticky for me. By way of advice I would say take your time. Be patient. Follow the instructions to the letter and read all the notes. Keep close track of which screws go where. Watch out for small parts that can easily disappear.

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iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


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