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Battery Replacement Easy, But Beware the Hidden Digitizer Cables

bobpetersen -

iPad 2 CDMA

iPad 2 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

iPad 2 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

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Mijn probleem

The first steps in replacing the battery in my iPad is to remove the digitizer screen. All was going well until the digitizer was free from the glue and I noticed some sliced up plastic ribbon. Oops! I cut the flat cable that connects the digitizer to the iPad. Back online to iFixit to order a new screen!

Mijn oplossing

Once I received the new digitizer I completed the battery replacement and put everything back together and the iPad worked! The only problem I had was the Home Button didn't click anymore but it did work. The alignment of the button in the screen must not be just right.

Mijn advies

I would encourage anyone repairing the digitizer or any other repair that requires screen removal to carefully read the instructions related to releasing the screen from the adhesive.

I would suggest that iFixit to add a diagram that illustrates what's behind the screen, highlighting the elements, such as the digitizer cable, that could be damaged.

Finally, I would suggest taking greater care in cleaning the back of the digitizer and the screen to remove finger prints. Wear gloves!

Overall the iFixit experience was terrific and has allowed me to keep old devices functional for a lot longer.

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