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Decent first time

danbraunstein94 -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

15 minuten - 1 uur


Mijn probleem

Broken Screen and a pretty faulty front facing camera! Be cautions when taking off a phone case to enjoy that new screen you just replaced... the bare phone is just a *little* less grippy, and you might find yourself back where you started!

Mijn oplossing

Pretty alright! A couple of issues, and unfortunately the new screen got cracked in a couple of places, but from what I hear that's almost a given the first time around. Took me about one relatively frustrating hour, mostly dealing with re-shaping the case from bends from impact damage.

Mijn advies

A few things!

1) never force it. If the screen isn't settling in, IT WONT FIT. There's some pressure needed, but be a good judge. Glass is not flexible.

2) Check the rim for bends and damage. Often when the screen is cracked, the impact was enough to bend the metal rim around it. If it's not almost perfectly shaped, that glass will not fit!

3) when using the opening tools, gently slide the tip up each side - don't jam it in there like a pry bar, you just want a bit of gently wedge pressure moving up to dislodge the screen.

4) Don't be surprised (or discouraged!) if your first screen (or two) breaks. Repairing electronics is an art and takes practice. It might be expensive now, but after you learn a few times, It'll be easy and you'll really start saving money! (and impressing your friends)

5) work on a nice, flat table. avoid edges where you can drop and lose those teensy teensy screws (oops)

6) keep the leftovers! If anything can be salvaged, don't toss it. When you upgrade, keep the old tech around to practice repairs on. As stated before, practice makes perfect! and perfect makes money :)

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