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Heat sink screws from h**l

goldawg -

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This kit was purchased for my daughter who is getting into the computer repair field. After reviewing many kits on line , I went with this one. Is it perfect, no , none are. But it's a perfect starter kit for a professional who needs new tools. Very well thought out kit and the company takes a lot of pride in presenting it and backing the product up.

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My daughter took my old(7 yrs.) Acer laptop in for a cleaning and tune up. This particular laptop stacks the ram and puts a heat sink bracket rite next to ram and on top of chip. Problem was she needed to remove all to get to fan to clean, witch was filthy. Heat sink screws (4) would not come out. She stripped out three precision screw drivers she had and still not one screw out. I bought kit and within 2 minutes , she choose correct bit and out they came. She made comment to me later that the kit had many of the required tools to make almost all repairs and she literally threw out all old make shift tools she had.

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Now do your reviewing on line and you will see like I did, you can't beat this kit for the price point. Well thought out and well put together.

So sorry no pics..... Computer is being worked on.... Lol

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