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Fixing my eBay iPad 3

Gary Smith -

iPad 3 Wi-Fi

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Dock Connector Replacement

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Dock Connector Replacement

Very difficult

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I bought an iPad3 from eBay for $130 with it unable to charge. So I looked up how to repair an iPad that is not able to be charged on iFixit. I saw that it looked like a strait forward repair. If I could fix this iPad it would be a way for me to have an iPad with a retina display for a very reasonable price.

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When I received my iPad I noticed that there was a large scratch on the glass face so I ordered a new digitizer along with the charging dock connector.

Removing the digitizer was fairly simple. With careful application of heat along the edges of the digitizer I was able to lift the edges paying close attention to the areas mentioned in the instruction guide to avoid damaging the underlying components. R&Ring the docking connector was simple after determining that the screws holding it down were size 000 and not 00 as described in the guide. Everything went back together easily and the iPad started charging as soon as I plugged it in. Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

Mijn advies

I had trouble starting the plastic pry bar under the digitizer so I used an exacto knife blade to just push in between the glass and the bezel. As soon as the glass began to move I was able to insert the plastic pry bar under the glass and I never used the exacto knife again.

Using a heat gun really made lifting the glass easy and if I had to repair the iPad again this is what I would use. Going slowly and carefully is very important to keep from damaging any other components.

I didn't remove the display connector when I disconnected the digitizer connectors. Why remove the connector when I didn't have to. I carefully laid the display out of the way so I didn't stress the ribbon cable. Also, the digitizer cable doesn't pull straight up as noted in the guide but slides out of the connector to the left. Reinserting the digitizer cable into the connector is somewhat difficult because the ribbon cable is stiff and springy. Take your time and you will eventually get it slid into place.

I did get some finger prints on the display but was able to easily clean them off with a microfiber cloth by gently wiping.

Thank you iFixit for your excellent guides and fast delivery of repair parts. I have other work to do on iPhone's and laptops and I will be buying more parts from you guys. I'm very glad you're here!

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