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Shattered, not cracked - still did it myself with iFixit help!

darrenmathews -


iOpener Instructions

iOpener Instructions

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1/3rd the price of visiting the Apple store.

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Your online videos show how to fix a 'perfect' screen that has no cracks at all. In reality, it's MUCH more difficult than what is demonstrated in your guides. My iPad was shattered into a million tiny shards. Those little guitar picks were helpful, but not strong enough to pry up the tiny little silvers of glass around the edges. I ended up using a small flat bladed screwdriver around the edge and a utility knife to scrape the edges free of all the glue and glass. I did use the iOpener magic tube of heat application to soften the glue which helped.

I did manage to get all of the glass and glue removed, then followed the procedure for removing the cables, cleaning the LCD, and then reassembling the replacement screen.

It works great now! Much better than looking through thousands of cracks in the screen.

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Yes, wear eye protection!! When you're bent over trying to pry off shattered, slivered glass, it will pop/fly up and get in your eyes. Protect them!!

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