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First Experience in Cleaning Laptop

Lim Sheng Li -

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This is my first time in disassemble my acer laptop and the reason I wanted to disassemble it is because my laptop keep heating up easily even when my laptop at idle and reach 90+ degree Celsius when gaming while before is just around 80+ degree Celsius when gaming.

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While this is my first experience in disassembling laptop and I was so excited to see how it looks like inside the whole laptop. Eventhough I'm excited to do it myself, I also felt a bit nervous and scare of messing things up but still I think it might be a good idea to learn something new and I finally decided to start disassemble it. I have loosen all the screws one by one and remove all drives and rams, taken out the motherboard and acquired the heat sink. the dust inside the fan was stuck in between all the fan blades and the thermal compound had been dried out. So, I cleaned all the fan blades and remove the old thermal compound and reapplied new thermal compound and reassemble it back. While reassembling my laptop, I also felt a bit uneasiness but after finish reassemble it, I quickly plug in my laptop charger and turn on my laptop. I feel extremely happy when I saw my laptop booted up. It was a great experience for me to do all this things by my own.

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My first enlightenment was my mum that keep supporting me to have a try when I first told my mum about it. The build logs cleaning guides in Youtube Channel especially Linus Tech Tips enlighten me to do it my own when I saw them building, disassemble and reassemble PCs by their own and showing off those cool stuffs.

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