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Fixing Grandma's iPod 4G gift

Eddie687 -

iPod 4th Generation or Photo

iPod 4th Generation or Photo Battery Replacement

iPod 4th Generation or Photo Battery Replacement

15 minuten - 1 uur


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Battery was not charging. Asked to consider fixing the iPod for my Grandson, it was a gift from my wife anyway. My daughter found the YouTube videos on repair and then found IFixIt from there. Ordered the battery repair kit with tools, the kit arrived when we returned from our vacation visit.

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As expected, getting the case open was the most trouble. The prying lever tools could not get the case open and their tips broke. Resorted to thin flat-blade screwdrivers to pry the case open. Many words of encouragement were spoken!

Once the case was open, the battery was replaced ok, procedure was correct. Only issue is the new battery is slightly thicker that the original but fits. Getting the case closed again required pushing the hard-drive away from the end connectors. Took about 1-hr (3/4 hr for case).

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All looked good until trying to charge. First tried charging from PC USB and could not get past the "plug into electrical socket" graphic. Saw in the user forum that this could happen with discharged batteries. Charged fine from non-pc USB charger, booted to Apple Logo and then showed charge progress. Suspect there is some software bug in the iPod OS. Grandson had similar problem and resorted to Apple store support. With an official apple charger, the iPod responded, charged and then could sync with iTunes on PC.

iPod 4G/Photo Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPod 4G/Photo Replacement Battery


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