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Through the wringer and back.

jshoop81 -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

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I pulled a "not so smart" move with my 3+ year old iPhone4...which has been a trooper throughout the years. This phone has been submerged in water more times than I can count (i fixed it myself with a bag of rice), the charger receiver has been replaced (which I paid to get repaired bc I was yet to discover this FANTASTIC website, and it even sat on the ground through a 2 day rain before as well. One day the phone starts going haywire (no...i didnt get it wet this time) so I decided to pull out the battery...not realizing how securely attached and delicate the battery was. All the glue made me think it just sat in there, and I only had the top of the back piece removed. The bottom screws were still in place. So, I pulled to disconnect it, and completely broke the battery. I was left clueless and did NOT want to pay for another person to repair it. I happened to stumble on ifixit.com, and was concerned at first bc I had never heard of this site before. After a little research, and checking out the site myself, I decided to order the battery repair kit. It arrived on time, with everything i needed to do the repair myself. I was SO pleased. Now I know if my phone messes up again (or i mess it up more likely), I have a reliable way to repair it myself.

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The actual repair couldnt have gone better. Everything i needed to fix the phone was shipped to me at a surprisingly low price. The repair was cheap, easy, and quick. Again, I will most definitely be using this site again for ANY repairs needed on any device or object they provide service for.

Mijn advies

Check this site out first before attempting any repairs yourself. Their instructions along with other people's stories will make things SO much easier on you.

iPhone 4 Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPhone 4 Replacement Battery


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