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iPad Mini digitizer replacement

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iPad Mini CDMA

iPad Mini CDMA Front Panel Assembly Replacement

iPad Mini CDMA Front Panel Assembly Replacement

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The digitizer was broken. Cracked in two corners.

Mijn oplossing

Before I tell my spiraling tail I have to say that i-Fix it did a great job presenting me with the right part and tools. What follows is most likely my experience and not everyone's I am sure.

I have to say this did not go well for me. First off no one tells you how to get a cracked screen off of a tablet. They say remove the digitizer screen but no one gives you a heads up on what to really expect. The digitizer just breaks into pieces (It's glass so that makes sense) and all the tiny shards that stick in the glue are the worst. I spent an hour scraping off the bits and pieces. The rest of the directions I followed went really well. I-Fix it did a good job of showing how to remove the entire unit.

However once I put it back together the screen just randomly starts apps all on it's own. It moves to other apps and makes selections for me.

I looked this up online and no one really has any good advice. So it seems that a screen replacement either goes smoothly or like mine not so fine. I tried some of the fixes described online but sadly nothing has worked. I repair computers all day long so this to me was a challenge I wanted to try. It would be curious to try it again but in this iPads case it becomes a question of cost, value and time.

Mijn advies

The only advice I can give to anyone trying this for themselves is to make sure you really want to do it yourself and not pay someone else. That is if it's even worth it.

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