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iPad 4 Front Panel Assembly replacement worked like a charm.

piloteer87 -

iPad 4 CDMA

iPad 4 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

iPad 4 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

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Dropped my iPad 4 on its corner, cracking the glass (Front Panel). Alternatives were much more expensive repairs (might as well buy an Air -- but I did not want to upgrade yet, as my 4 was still kicking).

Mijn oplossing

Fully repaired using iFixit's Front Panel Assembly kit; it looks like new (well, except for the scratches on the aluminum corner where the iPad impacted the concrete earlier). It was a great feeling when it fired up.

Somewhat mechanically inclined (and reasonably able to follow instructions), I decided to take a chance on doing it myself. The online pictures and detailed, very helpful repair guide were absolutely essential, and I following it closely. Took me about an hour. Total success.

Mijn advies

My 2 cents:

(1) Take your time. Do not overheat the "iOpener;" follow the instructions, or it will burst (oops: I used a hair dryer to heat/soften the adhesive after I mistakenly microwaved the iOpener for 2 minutes, causing it to burst).

(2) The only confusion I faced was at steps 29-30 in the online guide (detaching the LCD ribbon cable). The LCD ribbon cable slides out of the slot receptacle . Do not rotate it out; I rotated it, cracking the receptacle. I I feared the worst but was able to reconnect it successfully, using the existing tape to hold it all together.

(3) Try to keep the repair area clean and lint free. Prior to finally placing the replacement Front Panel on, look closely at the Front Panel and video display, at various reflection angles, to catch any lint or hairs on the screen. Remove carefully with scotch tape (it will lift right off). Consider using thin rubber gloves to keep the skin oil in check.

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