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Those Cables Are Fragile!

fred -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

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My daughter cracked the screen of her iPhone 4s

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The repair started off pretty well. I made my daughter do the dis-assembly, just so she would realize what a complicated process it is to repair a phone so she would be more careful. She's 13, but pretty handy with a screwdriver so I figured it would be okay. It was okay, that is until I took over on the reassembly. I didn't feed the cables to the screen correctly and when I went to adjust them after I had screwed down the screen I tore off one of the cables! Not to be hampered by this I ordered another screen and when it arrived I installed that one correctly this time, only in the process I tore the microphone jack cable! Fortunately in the interim I inherited a used iPhone 4s from a friend and I cannibalized the cable from that phone and installed it in my daughters phone. Unbelievable, the phone boots and works like a champ. She had a black phone, but I ordered a white screen so now her phone looks like a panda bear and she loves it.

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Be careful when removing cables and positioning them. Those suckers are fragile. It is like paper. I also really wish I had one of those magnetic mats that iFixit Sells. I jostled my work surface and had to get out calipers to measure screws to figure out what goes where.

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