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Salvage of MacBook Pro Christened with Coffee

Mark -

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My friend spilled coffee on her MacBook Pro. She had tried to clean it up by inverting it and drying it with a hairdryer before I got my hands on it and before I got my IFixit tool kit.

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The bad news: while it turned on again after I had opened it and done my best to clean it up, the keyboard was pooched and the logic board was compromised.

The good news: With your outstanding online instructions, I was able to remove her hard drive, transfer all her data to a new MacBook Air, and use the old MacBook Pro hard drive for backing up. I've also salvaged the screen, memory chips, battery and other internal parts to sell online to subsidize the cost of the new MacBook Air.

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Before this coffee catastrophe, I didn't know IFixit existed, much less your simply perfect tool kit and your brilliant online videos and step by step instructions for just about every repair. I'm an educator myself, and this is exactly what I love to do with my students: give them the encouragement, guidance and tools to master the material they need to know. Fantastic!

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