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A Small Upgrade Can Make a HUGE Difference

Paul Christopher -

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I own a Mid-2009 MacBook Pro 13", 2.53Ghz Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM. Ever since I purchased my MacBook Pro, I never once had any complaints about it. Even after I misjudged the size of the iTunes library on my iMac and failed to transfer the entirety of it to my MacBook Pro, I didn't blame it on the pitiful 250GB Hard Drive that rested inside of it. I simply shrugged it off and transferred the mammoth library to an external hard drive instead. And, for over a year and a half, I was satisfied. Then it became annoying to have to drag the external hard drive along whenever I transported my laptop around and wanted to have music and tv shows to watch. For some reason, it never even occurred to me to just upgrade my MacBook Pro's internal hard drive. I even came up with a ridiculous way to split my iTunes library somehow, so I could keep a portion of it on the laptop itself! But then, two weeks ago, I saw a "how-to" video made by a buddy on twitter, going through the process of upgrading the hard drive on the MacBook Pro Unibody, and I was inspired! So I opted to attempt the simple upgrade myself. Except the tool set I had lacked the proper torx driver required for this procedure. So I scanned the interwebs in search of this elusive tool... and stumbled upon! Being that I was already a tool junkie, once I perused the site for a moment, it was like I was on crack! I couldn't believe that I had never heard of or seen this website before! Not only did they have a crap-ton of videos and guides on repair for EVERYTHING, but they also sold the tools and parts to do it! And once I took a gander at their tools section, I was screwed. There was no way I was leaving this site without purchasing a whole new arsenal of quality tools. So I did. Not only did I get what I needed for the upgrade, but I completely replaced my line of electronics tools!

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Following MJ's instructions to the tee, and using my awesome new tools, the procedure went flawless! I was able to remove my MacBook Pro's original 250GB hard drive and replace it with the bigger and badder 750GB/7200RPM drive that she deserved! Now I can't wait to max out her RAM!

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If you're like me and own a laptop and have a huge iTunes library on an external hard drive, don't be afraid to consider upgrading your machine's hard drive so you can ditch the cords and free your laptop from having an external drive on it's leash all the time! It's an easy procedure and takes very little time. If you want to save yourself HOURS, I recommend using a backup program to "clone" your old hard drive to the new one (using an external enclosure) first, then testing it first before putting it in the actual machine. If you encounter problems, you'll be able to deal with them a lot less painfully than if you had just thrown a fresh new hard drive right into your laptop. And just a personal bit of advice: don't skimp out on cheap tools! If you're serious about working on your own electronics, then do yourself a favor and invest in quality tools that will last you for many future tasks you may decide to take on. The best part is, they sell the best stuff right here on this site!

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