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Rough & Tumble

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iPad 3 Wi-Fi

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Front Panel Replacement

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Front Panel Replacement

2 - 3 uren


Mijn probleem

I'm hard on everything I buy, this iPad was no exception, I find the limits to everything. I have lost count as to how many times I've dropped, slipped, skidded, bounced, slammed or kicked this thing. Since the case is no longer square or flat anymore from the abuse it makes it difficult to get new digitizes to stick and then they delaminate causing ghost typing and dead zones. I think this is the 4th time I've repaired it.

Mijn oplossing

The repair was way easy having ordered your kit of doodads and trinkets. For everybody out there who doesnt want to pay the $50. Just buy the kit and quit being a cheap skate you'll save yourself a lot of head ache and time in the end. If your screen is shattered get some good tape and tape the whole screen up. The cracks will grow substantially as you put pressure on the digitizer. And make sure you tuck the cable properly into the cavity under the mounting surface. And don't break the the small clips that hold your ribbons in place.

Mijn advies

There are 2 things I recommend doing if your a hard user like me and have a tweeked case.

1. Upgrade the adhesive: http://bowlertech-adhesives.com these guys have the best stuff there is way stickier with a higher heat release temp than most so if you leave it in the sun or in a hot car you won't have to fix it again.

2. If inspite of the upgraded adhesive your still having trouble keeping your screen down, like me, you can use a vynil wrap. It will cover the scuffs on the back as well as act like an adhesive vise that will keep your screen in place. For mine I over cut the vynil on purpose to over lap the edges of the glass roughly a 1/4" and then applied a light duty heat gun to shrink the wrap after sticking it on. I'd include pictures of the final product but they won't drag to the box after they upload

iPad 3 Screen afbeelding
iPad 3 Screen


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