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iPhone 4s . . . This ain't no Commodore 64!

marcmauceri -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

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Three foot drop on concrete shattered the screen on my 4s. I decided to fix it for the fun of it. Built and fixed many other kinds of computers (yep, i learned to program with punch cards!) and it seemed about time to crack it open.

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Great! Immediately upon replacing the front screen it fired right up and i was texting successful in 10 seconds! Whats not to like....Okay, my first surprise (not sure why) is how small everything was, but ya, how else do you get this power at this size. What is found amazing, after I got my magnifying glass handy was how easy it really was. After I cracked it open I could not imagine every getting the ribbons reconnected again as small as they were. But it turned out to be fairly easy after all.

Mijn advies

For first timers just dig in and get going. The online IFIXIT instructions and videos were spot on. A few areas for those repairing the screen to watch out for....just plan to remove the headphone jack and use the IFIXIT instructions, you'll never get the screw back in the corner if you don't; Pay close attention to the new ribbon cables when attaching the new screen. Make sure they are about the same length. If they are not you may have kinked a cable (i did) and they will never reach the attachment points on the motherboard. I had to pull it apart and thread them back through the chassis to get it right. And lastly, leave a little extra time and enjoy it. Overall the new parts fit perfect, the instructions were spot on, and it was fun!

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