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Sooo Easy!

kcongdon -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Home Button Replacement

iPhone 5 Home Button Replacement

45 minuten - 2 uren


Mijn probleem

My son got a new iphone because the home button fell off of his iphone 5. My husband had been thinking about switching from b-berry to iphone but I really didn't want to buy one and have him not like it and change his mind so I asked my son if we could have his broken one and I would get it fixed. I called a few places to see how much and it seemed pretty expensive to fix so I googled it and found ifixit. I checked out one of the guides and then priced out the list of things we would need and it was sooo much cheaper. My husband took a look a the guide and said he could do it so I ordered the parts. They came in perfect condition exactly as pictured.

Mijn oplossing

It took my husband about 45 minutes to get the phone apart replace but button and get it back together using the guide. (There wasn't even any swearing!). He is currently using the phone and it is working just great! We had more problems with a faulty sim card then we did with the repair! Now he's tell the kids not to worry if anything happens to their iphones he can fix them!(He's gonna be walking around in blue shirt asking if he can help them any day now!)

Thanks so much ifixit, I have your site bookmarked and will always remember to check there first!

Mijn advies

My advice, always check with ifixit! I have seen some step by step instructions before but nothing like this,these guides are made for real people not technicians. And the fact that they give you a list and you can get everything you need all in one place makes it effortless.

iPhone 5 and 5c Home Button afbeelding
iPhone 5 and 5c Home Button


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P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone afbeelding
P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone


iFixit Opening Tool afbeelding
iFixit Opening Tool


Suction Handle afbeelding
Suction Handle


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