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jimieves -

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I have a short history of computer ownership. From an iBook G4 to a Gateway LT2016u to a Dell Latitude D630 to a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 (present). Each computer was replaced as the previous one developed issues seemingly beyond my ability to repair, until recently.

The iBook had charging and battery issues, along with the hardware becoming ever increasingly out-dated (still collecting dust). The Gateway has keyboard issues (likely stemming from spilling liquids of some sort). Finally, the Latitude D630 has a battery issue where it doesn't hold a charge and (until recently) would not connect to the internet wirelessly. I also have a 5th Generation iPod that has a broken screen.

One of the biggest hurdles in learning to repair the various broken electronics in my possession was not having the proper tools. As an automotive technician, I understand the importance of having the proper tools for the job at hand.

Thanks to iFixit's extensive repair guides and the Pro Tech Toolkit, I had the tools I needed to go ahead and repair my devices.

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Upon receiving the Pro Tech Toolkit, I was impressed by the quality of the tools included. I dove straight into getting familiar with the removal of basic components on the Gateway: RAM, Hard Drive, Keyboard. I found that the tools included in the Pro Tech Toolkit were vital to removing all of these components, specifically the keyboard.

I also made an attempt at dismantling my 5th Gen iPod, in order to remove the broken screen and to see the difficulty in the removal process. Thanks to the tools included in the Pro Tech Toolkit, as well as the extensive Repair Guide on iFixit regarding this process, the screen removal was a success! Following the successful screen removal, I placed an order through iFixit for a screen replacement as well as some spare iPod separation tools (considering these types of plastic tools are wearable items).

Mijn advies

Do not be afraid to tackle some basic electronics repair! Remember to have the proper tools on hand, follow the repair guides, and TAKE YOUR TIME!

Many of my repair projects have been waiting for years for me to get started on them, mainly due to not having the tools and knowledge (which I found on iFixit) to complete the repairs.

The Pro Tech Toolkit has EVERYTHING I need to get started on my repair projects, THANKS iFixit!

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Pro Tech Toolkit


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