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17" imac laid to rest, but Hard drive rescued

theborkingchef -

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LCD failed on a late 2006 17" white intel iMac. The iMac wasn't repaired, but got a working hard drive from it.

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I was originally going to try and fix my mother's old late 2006 white 17" iMac, which had a failing LCD with vertical lines from the heating problem those were known for. Since she didn't buy her macbook air until 2014, it was really too late to look for a new panel and if i had found a used one chances were it was going to cost more then it was worth. So I decided to try to disconnect the internal display and just use the imac with an external display. This wouldn't work, it kept freezing on boot or had no desktop with a blank screen..

I decided to then buy a t10 from ifixit to get the LCD out and then rescue the hard drive since it was still good. I already have a multi bit set but the handle isn't long enough for deep screws.

So the bottom line is, I got a working 160 GB drive i can use for something and the imac has been scrapped. I got a late 2013 macbook pro 13" the same time of year my mom upgraded to the macbook air from the imac. So i have a much more current and working mac.

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I have a computer repair background, but mostly desktops so old macs and general PCs. the all in one macs make me nervous.

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