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I can't wait for something else to break so I can use iFixIt again!

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Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii DVD Drive Replacement

Nintendo Wii DVD Drive Replacement

1 - 2 uren


Mijn probleem

My Wii's DVD drive started making clicking noises and would no longer read any disc I put in. It would still insert and eject fine and I could hear it spinning the discs, but every disc appeared unreadable.

Mijn oplossing

I was a little nervous since I'm not that handy. But the step by step guide from iFixIt was incredible easy to follow and perfectly written as to make the repair actually fun to do! I'm serious when I say that I can't wait for something else to break so I can use iFixIt again. It was honestly one of the best experiences I have had with any service or product I have ever purchased. I had thought about going with a cheaper option on Amazon, but I was worried about getting a genuine part, so I went with iFixIt. So glad I did. And the included tools in the kit were extremely high quality and can be used for many years and many future repairs. Thank you!!!

Mijn advies

I think the screws in step 19 are slightly too big for the provided phillips head screw driver, and I was worried about stripping the screws, but if you press down hard it works fine. That was the only very minor suggestion I would have.

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