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Replaced iPhone 5 Display Assembly

davidlanchart -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

40 minuten - 1 uur


Mijn probleem

The glass on the front panel cracked after the iPhone met the floor in a clumsy drop early one morning.

Mijn oplossing

Opening and the front panel is the hardest thing.

I wish I had the iSlack opening tool, but spending that much wouldn't have made it worth it. Four hands was the solution, a friend helped out by holding with one hand, and using another opening tool while I used a suction cup and another opening tool.

After that the screws were easy to remove and didn't lose a single one. Followed the rest of the instructions in reverse since the guide ends at putting on the new front panel and doesn't go into closing the phone back up again.

Mijn advies

I wish I knew that some of the internal parts to remove were extremely small once you get inside the case and not to be too squeamish about using force on the small ribbon cable for the home button.

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Afbeelding
iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer


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