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iPhone 5 reborn!

Steven Tydingco -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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My iPhone 5 battery finally bit the dust and would not charge up. My mobile service provider would not give me a replacement even though the serial number was part of the Apple recall. They said they detected some moisture in the unit which disqualified my phone from the replacement program. They offered to replace the battery for a fee of $200. I laughed at them before leaving. I ended up getting an iPhone 6+ from a different provider, but by chance I found your site and decided to try to salvage my iPhone 5. I had nothing to lose except $29 for the kit and the potential of reviving my phone to use as a spare was worth the try.

Mijn oplossing

The repair was a bit more effort then I thought. Even though I bought the iSclack, it was difficult separating the shell. In fact, I had more success using the single suction cup that came with the kit. Go figure. Anyhow, my biggest fear was dealing with those microscopic screws. In fact, I ended up losing one but I had already finished swapping out the battery so I just closed up the case and hoped for the best. What a great feeling to see the familiar Apple logo appear upon start up - with 48% battery capacity already loaded.

Mijn advies

Have a magnetic tray or mat to hold those microscopic screws. Trust me...they are so tiny you'll want to have them staying put once you remove them. My eyesight is terrible, so I was using a magnifying glass. It would've been helpful if I had some device to hold the magnifier while I worked on those screws.

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iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


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