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power supply and dispay inverter Imac 20 early 2009

Daniele Salodini -

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the imac stop working, seems totally dead

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frist I found that the fuse on power supply was blow, and the diode bridge was in short cictuit. so I decided to replace the power supply because was 5 years old and because I can't find schematic on the web. replacing power supply I found that the system turn on, but the display remain black. using the apple technician guide I followed step by step and I found a good trick: illuminating the front of display by a lamp (I used the LED of my phone) I found that the display was working! just the backlight was off. so I found the pinout of the display (LG LM240WU2-SLB4) and checked if the voltage coming by the power supply was ok. the voltage was ok, so I removed the inverter placed on the back of display. I found that the SMD fuse was blowed. before replacing the fuse I checked if the mosfets (AO4614B) was in short circuit. mosfet seems ok, so I replaced the fuse and the display start to work! hope could be useful, sorry for my english :)

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check documentation before start

iMac Intel 24" EMC 2267 2.66, 2.93 & 3.06 GHz Power Supply Afbeelding
iMac Intel 24" EMC 2267 2.66, 2.93 & 3.06 GHz Power Supply


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