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Stressful, but surprisingly easy. And successful!

kirbyacallaway -

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c Screen Replacement

iPhone 5c Screen Replacement

5 - 20 minuten


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I shattered my screen when I dropped it on concrete, with no case...

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Based on all of the warnings that I could seriously damage my phone during this fix, I did not start the repair immediately upon receiving the iFixit package in the mail. Finally, 4 days later on a Sunday afternoon on my living room floor, I decided there was no better time.

Taking the screen off was difficult with all of the shards of glass. I did not have packaging tape but instead normal Scotch tape, so I was unable to get a seal with the suction cup. I tried to use nail polish on the screen to create a better surface, but then realized that I could just pop the screen off without the suction cup. Oops!

Removing all of the screws and the logic board was easy. I had a separate bowl for each tiny screw, and thanks to the magnetic tools I did not lose any of those pesky little things in the carpet. By far the most stressful part of the whole process was reattaching the display assembly. The cables are so small that it was not easy to carefully snap them into place, and I was fearful that with too much pressure I would break them.

In my first attempt, I thought I successfully connected everything, put the phone together, and turned it all on. Immediately the pixilation was off, and it kept growing worse and worse. The touch capabilities were not really working. I could try to unlock my screen, but I couldn't slide enough to the right to unlock it. My heart sunk, but I opened up the phone and tried again. One of the cables that I was not supposed to disconnect actually came loose, so I popped it into place, turned the phone on, and viola! It works!

It has been 24 hours now, I have been using the phone as normal and have fully charged it, and there are no apparent issues.

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This was a stressful leap of faith I took, trusting myself rather than a technician, but I would recommend it to anyone! Seriously, save your money, save your phone, and trust iFixit. I have a case on my phone now, but I will not hesitate to go to iFixit with my next repair issue.

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