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In a hurry to repair my mid 2009 macbook pro

aksamm -

Mijn probleem

My macbook pro was starting to display some artefacts. The GPU was failing sometimes and it went pretty hot. As I haven't cleaned the machine in a long time, I decided that I had to clean it before letting the artefacts too long and damage permanently the GPU.

Mijn oplossing

It went really well. I used the fixit guide for my machine and it was just perfect. I had no issue at all. All the tools were listed and it was easy for me to do the steps by steps even though I am really good with my hands.

Mijn advies

I used a sheet of paper to draw the internals and to place the screws at the right place. There are too many screws involved and you don't want to lose one. So I would recommend to take care of the screws by quickly draw the internal of the machine and where were the screws. Also I was really surprised by how fast the shipping was. I took the express one as I was really in a hurry to receive the kit and it arrived in a day. Couldn't be happier. Now my machine shows no sign of artefacts and is running cooler. I can expect to keep it for another year or 2.

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