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How a short story turned very quickly into an epic.

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iPad 4 CDMA

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iPad 4 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

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iPad 4 fell over a couple of weeks ago and cracked the screen. The crackage wasn't tooooo bad but irritated me every time I looked at it, and I read that these things only get worse and harder to fix, so decided to bite the bullet and do it sooner rather than later.

Mijn oplossing

The pack arrived beautifully laid out, which made locating and accessing everything simple. When I saw everything there, I was feeling rather confident that this would go easily and I'd soon have a working iPad. Well, one half of that turned out to be true...

First moment of panic was when the "plastic opening tool" with its wedged edge snapped as I was sticking it into the side of the iPad. Thankfully it had done its job just enough so that I could stick one of the opening picks in there to continue its work.

I put tape over the screen like the guide suggests, hoping that would be able to contain the crackage - but unfortunately everything fell completely to pieces (literally) when it came time to pull the cover glass off the iPad, and I found myself scraping shards of sticky cover glass off the inside of the iPad for a heart attack inducing couple of hours until I was ready to pull the new cover glass out of its bubblewrap.

Digitiser cable went in no trouble, but the home button cable was a different story. That tiny little thing just WOULD NOT go into the logic board with the aluminium lip of the iPad in the way, so as it turned out I had to pull the logic board out to get it at the right angle. This was almost cause for another heart attack...

Finally, with all cables connected, I decided I'd try to turn the iPad on before I put it all back together to be sure I hadn't left anything out. To my amazement, it started first time and everything seemed to be working. Phewph!

But I wasn't out of the woods yet, I still had to stick the new cover glass and digitiser down without damaging anything else (I was terrified of cracking the new one as I installed it...). Only one hitch here, and that was that you need to be sure to push the digitiser cable down inside the iPad before you start putting the cover glass back down, as otherwise there's not enough room to stick it down.

Ultimately, the satisfaction I got from successfully repairing my iPad myself was incredible. The experience boosted my confidence to do things like this in the future, and save a bit of money along the way. :)

Mijn advies

Go VERY slowly, and know that your slightly cracked panel will turn into a zillion shards very very quickly. I wish I'd laid down some newspaper before I started - still vacuuming up bits of sticky black glass.

Also, don't be afraid to go a little bit further to ensure that you do it right. For example, inserting the home button cable doesn't technically require the removal of the logic board, but in order to install the tiny little thing without risking damaging it (or my sanity), I found it a lot easier to do it that way.

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