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2 iPhones to fix

andrewk73 -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Mijn probleem

I had two iPhones that were working ok and both had 64gb storage so worth repairing. One had a broken screen, and the other a terrible battery life.

Mijn oplossing

For the first fix I chose to do the screen. The guide was great, and I got to the step of removing the home button and cable and came to a grinding halt because I did not have a heat gun or iOpener with me. I put this aside and then went for the second Fix.

The iPhone battery replacement was simple and clear and I replaced the battery (Similar steps to screen replacement) in under 10 minutes with no issues. The battery was hard to remove with the glue but as I was replacing it I used a bit more force than normal.

Back to screen replacement. Once I got my hands on my heat gun (Not at work), I was able to remove the home button cable and home button easily and then all that was required was to put it all back together which took about 5 minutes.

Mijn advies

Make sure you have an iOpener or heat gun for the screen replacement. Other than that the guides are great, and both were simple repairs.

The guides also make it easy to get the correct screw in the correct hole with screw size included in the guide.

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