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GameCube Upgrade

Benjamin 9C9 -

Mijn probleem

A friend asked me to make an upgrade to his Nintendo GameCube. He asked for an addition of a "Xeno-GC" driver chip.

Mijn oplossing

The GameCube case needs to be opened with a proprietary "GameBit" driver. Aside from that tool, I only needed to use two smaller Phillips drivers to disassemble every major assembly within the console. Soldering such small points required some attention to detail. Technicians should not expect to be in and out within ten minutes. Small solder points are easy to accidentally overflow onto adjacent points. I did misstep while soldering and had to undo my work. When I purchased a GameBit driver, I also ordered some solder wick. I'm glad that I did. I had to clean up a little extra sloppy solder.

Mijn advies

If I were to attempt this upgrade again, I would make more effort to mount the driver board onto a stand that would hold the board level. Ensuring that the driver chip is positioned correctly is one of the most essential steps to this upgrade.

Desoldering Braid afbeelding
Desoldering Braid


Gamebit 4.5mm afbeelding
Gamebit 4.5mm


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