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Job Done At Half the Price

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iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

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Battery running down after 4 years of use on my iPhone 4. Estimate to get a new battery installed was between $50 and $60 at local repair stores. I thought that was pretty good until I saw the price for a new battery on IFIXIT and how easy it appeared to install it from watching the instructional video. Plus micro tools included free of charge to do the task.

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Very easy if you have a modicum of patience and are careful as the screws are very tiny. I used a plastic case about 3 inched deep and about 14 inches long to do the job in and avoid loosing a screws. All was as described in the video with exception of the antenna strip. I have no ideas where that was in my Sprint phone.

Mijn advies

I did the job for half the price of taking it to a store and having someone else install the battery. But you do have to have patience and a steady hand. I'm sort of use to working with small devices so it was not at all a problem for me. Newly installed battery is doing much better than old one and I'm very happy with the results. Sorry I was not able to take a photo. My phone camera was well sort of out of commission.

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iPhone 4 Replacement Battery


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