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My PS4 Motherboard Replacement fun!

jidemunn -

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How to Apply Thermal Paste

How to Apply Thermal Paste

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I had a family reunion, and a nephew was playing my PS4, got a little excited and pulled the PS4 off of my tv stand. I had the controller connected to the charge cable, won't do that ever again when they use it. My warranty ran out with sony literally a few days before this occurred. I ended up opening it up myself, I found that the motherboard was cracked.

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Well, the repair in general was a little crazy, I had to locate another motherboard of the same model. I found one on ebay that was decently priced, only thing wrong with it was that the HDMI port was broken, so I ordered a new port on the side as well. I didn't have soldering equipment so I brought it to a local pc repair shop, they soldered it for me for $5. Then using the guide on the Ifixit site, I took it apart, fixed it all together with the thermal paste and everything, and put it together, and it was good as new!

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Be very careful when getting the motherboard from ebay, you may see some which seem fine, but aren't. Normally when they are providing other components with it, somethings wrong. Look for one with a broken HDMI port, that's normally the most easiest to fix, but most people on ebay don't really know that for some reason. If they have to solder, it seems to be beyond them.

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Does your blu-ray drive still work on the new motherboard? I seem to recall on the PS3 that the blu-ray drive was tied to a console, I assume you had to reformat the HDD also?

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