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Cracked iPad mini digitizer

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iPad Mini CDMA

iPad Mini CDMA Front Panel Assembly Replacement

iPad Mini CDMA Front Panel Assembly Replacement

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Mijn probleem

After having the mini for a couple years (without proper protection), one of my munchkins finally cracked the screen

Mijn oplossing

It took me between 3-3.5 hours to complete the repair. I followed the instructions in the guide to a "t" and it worked very well.

The opening of the old digitizer and clearing off the shattered digitizer fragments stuck to the adhesive was the most time consuming aspect of the repair.

I sincerely appreciated the advice to wear some type of eye protection. Anyone attempting the repair should expect the digitizer to crack more and throw glass into your face.

Mijn advies

1) Plan ahead. In addition to reviewing the repair guide several times, I created a grid on a sheet of paper with tape to keep all the screws and shields from moving (too cheap to buy the magnetic mat).

2) Make sure you move the magnets from the old to the new digitizer. The iFixit replacement digitizer has a spot to place it on the new adhesive, but it's not as convenient as other replacements. Just plan ahead and be sure to use the old digitizer as a guide so the magnets align with the space in the chassis.

3) When removing the adhesive cover prior to placing the new digitizer, be careful the adhesive doesn't stick to the new digitizer cable. It's easy to get the adhesive stuck to the cable if you're not mindful in removing the cover.

4) Also watch how the digitizer cable folds into the chassis as you're doing the final assembly. I watched one video that suggested starting the final step by first matching up the top of the digitizer to the top of the iPad (insuring a tight, accurate fit). Keep the bottom portion wedged open with your fingers. Use a spudger to flex the digitizer cable into the iPad (so it won't crease/fold on itself) and complete the closure of the iPad while removing the spudger in one smooth motion.

4) I thought the comment about how poor the repair guide was (i.e. severing all your wifi, cellular wires by inserting the guitar picks too far) is exaggerated. Use the opener tool (goes in by just a few millimeters) and use the picks to insure the digitizer doesn't reseal. One guitar pick accidentally slipped between the digitizer and LCD screen with no permanent damage. At some points it was easier to use the guitar picks. In that case, be reasonable; heat the edges well, use firm and steady pressure and use the pictures of the opened iPad (and new digitizer) to estimate where all the adhesive is so you know which areas might need more attention without destroying the components.

5) Goof-Off and/or cigarette lighter fluid make excellent solvents for cleaning old adhesive off the chassis. Just be sure to remove the LCD to avoid damage.

It wasn't my favorite repair, but very doable. C'mon kids, break something else!

iPad mini 1/2 Screen afbeelding
iPad mini 1/2 Screen


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