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IPhone 5 battery solved!

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I had an IPhone 5 before my IPhone 6, but while I was playing basketball my phone fell out of my pocket and shatter my screen. I try to sell it but i wanted to fix it first so I took it to Mexico City and paid around 800 MXN (around 50 USD) to fix my phone and everything worked great until suddlently my phone died out of nowhere it wouldnt even turn on, and while it was connected to current only the apple logo showed up and was stuck in a boot loop. I decided to take manners into my own hand and bought the Pro Tech Toolkit (even though 30 USD for shippement seemed a little high *cough* IFixIt *cough* fix the price *cough*

Mijn oplossing

I opened it and well well, the battery connector was disconnected!! they probably stole my original battery and put in a really crappy one and forgot to connect it right, so I reconnected it and everything worked great. I also used the kit to fix an old Xbox controller I had laying around but thats is another story for another day.

Mijn advies

Never take your smartphones to fix in Mexico, they might be cheap but in the end you might have to spend a little more for being lazy (like me)

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