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2nd iPhone5 Display and Battery Replacement

chachu93 -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Mijn probleem

Cracked screen needed repair and decided to change low battery at the same time.

Mijn oplossing

YouTube videos and repair guides helped a lot.

This was my 2nd repair, which I thought I would try since the 1st one went so well.

Taking apart iPhone5 was easy compared to first time. The only issue was losing track of a screw, which turned out to be stuck to a magnetic part of the display - earphone speaker, I think.

Replacing battery was no problem.

The outermost display cable is a little long, so again it took a little patience to line it up and click in.

Putting the display back in was difficult, because the bottom left corner of the case was dinged, so it did not quite fit. Had to go through a lot of extra effort to try to bend the case corner back out to near the original shape. So this step added hours to the repair. Eventually fashioned a rounded edge attached to a screw driver and pounded it out with a hammer, very carefully.

After about six hours of effort and thought, the iPhone5 looks as good as new (despite the dings on the edges)!

Mijn advies

The type of crack on the display should have tipped me off to the underlying problem with the case. The cracks radiated from the bottom corner that was dinged. This also explained why the display was so easy to remove, since it was already pushed up by the ding in the corner. There are some YouTube videos showing a rounded tool and support to reshape corner dings. I just fashioned a rounded metal part attached to a screwdriver and used a solid wood support to bang out the ding with a hammer, very carefully. Patience required! The new display eventually fit and looks good (NO pinching resulting in lines on the screen).

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