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The Surgery that Saved My Best Friend's Life

achateau089 -

iPod Classic

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iPod Classic Battery Replacement

30 minuten - 2 uren

Very difficult

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My 7th generation Ipod, with 120 GB and over 15,000 songs on it would eventually only hold a charge for approximately ten minutes. After much deliberation I asked Apple what my options were. They told me that because the Ipod was over five years old it was considered "vintage" and they could no longer replace or repair it and kindly suggested I buy a new Ipod (maximum storage capacity of 64GB, definitely going to be Ipod Touch, and uhh 10% off of 300? so I basically save on the tax pshhh). I decided that I would bring my best friend back to life. My Ipod has been with me through my tumultuous college career, my multiple study abroad trips and countless of other experiences that bonded us for life. I feel closer to this Ipod than I do many people that I know. I refused to trade it in for a mere $30 off of a newer version that should be ashamed of the amount of storage it has.

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The repair was stressful; I laughed and cried and perspired for about and hour and a half and then I closed it back up and it turned on right away! The videos on youtube and the step by step advice provided by iFixit was great! The only thing that was different about my experience was the amount of dirt and sand inside my Ipod. This didn't affect the repair but the wear and tear on the outside of the Ipod caused problems as I opened the device. You see, the corners of my Ipod were practically welded into one solid piece!

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Advice: Don't let anyone tell you that your 120 GB Ipod is worth only $30 off a newer, crappier version!! Send positive thoughts throughout the process and tell your Ipod that you love it.

iPod Classic (Thin) Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPod Classic (Thin) Replacement Battery


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2 Opmerkingen

well done you

Mike baker - Antwoord

Good for you! When the HDD finally crashes which it eventually will, you can get an adapter to SD card and 128GB SD card for under $100 which will not only improve the iPod but the battery will last longer and it won't be as sensitive to shock. You and I are among many peopl who absolutely love the iPod Classic (Vintage) and the storage capacity. I have been building new ones with the SD adapters and people love them. I keep one in the glove box of my pickup with 10k songs on it and put it on random play through the stereo. Enjoy your iPod and keep these E-things out of landfills!

Marc - Antwoord

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