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A hard pull

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iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Mijn probleem

The battery in my phone would show the wrong percentages, randomly turning off anywhere from 10% to 25% left, and would rapidly die requiring that I charge it twice to three times a day. For activities such as watching videos I needed to keep it on the charger or else it would die. I got really tired of this and just decided to buy a battery here.

Mijn oplossing

The repair was very smooth. The iFixIt video didn't completely cut it for me though. In the video the women like stops the video, pops the top of the phone up (the hardest part), and then edits the video to look like she's have a jolly good time fixing the easiest repair in the world.

Personally I would prefer if the videos show the struggles a user would really face during that step with more emphasis than "And it's REALLY in there" and then skipping past it. Its pretty likely that she had someone do it for her, or used a machine.

When I had difficulty removing the top of the phone I went and found another YouTube video that was more helpful because the guy put true focus on the struggle of opening the phone and stated that sometimes it's so difficult he needs to use a razor.

The iFixIt video is like watching a ditsy girl open a pickle jar like it's been sitting in the sun for two years when in reality it's a really expensive jar that's been sitting in the freezer and grown men are having difficulty opening it.

Be careful, but extremely forceful.

Eventually I was tired of pulling extremely hard for fear that the entire case would snap apart and be thrown in both directions and just used a razor blade to open it (I explain how I did that below under "Advice").

The only other difficult part was the adhesive attached to the battery, it was like super glue. If you pry like they suggest you do in the video, watch where you're finding leverage! I only used the spots they recommended and the prying will bend down metal parts. Personally I (again) had to use another tool not provided that essentially looked like a really long metal spatula to get under the battery and cut the glue while you lift up from underneath the battery. Then I gently bent back the metal 'fence' that was slightly bend because of IFixIt's prying recommendation.

The first time replacing the battery and putting the phone back together there was slight color displacement in the screen near the top. I figured I put the screws too tight, because I had this happen with my I touch before. I re-opened the case, removed the cover, and then reconnected the plug connectors (in case they were loose), put the cover back on properly (see how it has hooks on it? It should hook into the metal railing, the one that most people bend while prying the battery up, and then drop down like a trap door into the three screws. So I put the cover back on and put each screw in, lightly screwed them in, then checked a screw on the board that was screwed in by the factory to see how tight I could screw them before realizing that I can tighten them fully. Did that, put everything back together, color display issues fixed!

Tbh, I think the problem was with the soft foam that's it's on top of the connectors, one was stuck to the cover I removed and it removed a bit of foam with it. When I put the cover back on, the foam landed wrong somehow and was twice as thick, which ultimately ended up putting pressure on the display changing the colors a bit.

I really learned a lot with this process and can now replace them with ease.

Oh and for those of you worrying about battery cycle count issues, I tested the battery after replacing it and it was originally half-charged with a cycle count of "1". So the iFixIt batteries are legitimate, I was not sold a used battery.

To clarify; there are a lot of people on eBay and other websites that sell used batteries as 'new'.

Mijn advies

To open your phone case with a razorblade you need to slide the blade in at the bottom just below the home button. Do not put it in very far. Next with your right hand positioned really awardly, hold your plastic prying tool with your right pointer finger and thumb. Place it on the blade so you are ready to catch the lid when it pops up for a brief moment. Now pull on the suction cup and the prying tool will slide under the display, let the razorblade fall out if you can, if you can't, set the phone down and wiggle the blade out gently while you keep pushing the prying tool in; or else the prying tool will be pulled out with the razorblade.

Now that you're in follow the steps of the video. Don't be as scared of prying as you were with removing the display screen.

Just be sure to prevent your prying tool from coming out until you have at least 3-4 of the clips out, because then the screen won't snap back closed again.

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