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iPad 3 Docking Connecter Replacement

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iOpener Instructions

iOpener Instructions

30 seconden


Mijn probleem

The docking connector was damaged and not able to charge the iPad.

Mijn oplossing

The repair took a LOT longer than expected. The iopener heating device was marginal - I had to use a hair dryer in conjunction with the iopener heating device to loosen the adhesive. The plastic opener tools supplied in the kit did NOT work. I could not get either tool in between the metal case and the glass. The edges of both plastic opening tools blunted over at the ends when trying to insert them - I could not get either to work. I had to use a fine bladed paring knife to make the first entry. After that I was able to get the triangular opening picks in and continued with the opening with heat and rolling the triangular opening pics (which worked great. I successfully replaced the docking connector using the supplied screw divers which worked great - it was very helpful having the screw drivers magnetic which helped remove and insert the small screws. I then removed the old adhesive and reassembly the unit less the top glass. Then added the new adhesive strips with great difficulty - I should have put in the adhesive strip while the iPad was disassembled. I finally installed the glass cover and powered/checked the unit out - success!

Mijn advies

The plastic opening tools should be made with a harder material. The heating device was difficult to use because it was round - at least one flat surface on the device would made for better placement and stay put. The heating device did not supply enough heat to readily melt the adhesive. Also an instruction/notice to add the new adhesive strips while the unit is disassembled would be very helpful to make their placement easier. I had a hard time finding the right place to lift the locking tabs on the ribbon cables. I would suggest better instructions/illustrations of how/where to lift the small locking tabs on the ribbon cable connectors.

iPad 3/4 Adhesive Strips afbeelding
iPad 3/4 Adhesive Strips


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