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Ipad Air digitizer repair

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iPad Air Wi-Fi

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iPad Air Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

1 - 2 uren


Mijn probleem

The screen was shattered after an unfortunate fall from table top caught in the middle and pressed hard to the table leg. I guess it would not break if let fall on the carpet :)

Replacement with Apple is ridiculously pricey.

Fixing at local repairs would have cost $125 with OEM parts and warranty and it could take 2 hours, but I felt like I want to do it myself and ready to pay extra for the pleasure.

Mijn oplossing

Overall it went OK and now I got an all-new looking device functioning just like before or even better :) as it feels new now. Found some glitches in the process though...

1) the glass was shattered everywhere, so the suction cup wasn't helpful; tried to seal the seams with a scotch tape, but it didn't help as the tape had texture (my fault, I know) 2) glass was shattered down to the edges, so it wasn't a pleasant exercise to remove all the pieces especially when you know the unfortunate move may result in a damaged LCD 3) the main button came pre-assembled, but I found it loose only after I put everything back together... turned out one leg of a metal clip that holds the button wasn't glued to the front panel and was offering an extra space for the button click - solved with a super-glue 4) the front camera frame came pre-assembled, but I found it misplaced after turning on skype on the reassembled device... Luckily the frame was easy to tear off and realign. 5) All in all I found the guide very helpful, especially as it warns of a few common mistakes and shows where the wires and antennas are placed. 6) I spent around 5 hours, cut my fingers (lightly, no blood), vacuumed the whole area several times in the process (by the way, I could not think of a good way to keep all glass particles in place, scotch tape was getting in the way, so I gave up on it) 7) Found it helpful that all the wires came pre-assembled, I would have messed it all up definitely otherwise 8) completely happy with a functioning device and the feeling that I did it myself. 9) I felt like I do not need to seal it back with the adhesive just in case I will need to tear it off again, so I didn't heat it after reassembly and the glass stays in place nicely.

Mijn advies

Thank you iFixit! I cannot say more.

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