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Nexus 7 won't power up

jeredswift -

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I was streaming a radio program and could not reduce the volume. It would respond to any command including shutting down. It would not shut down even while pushing on/off buttons at same time. I tried to sync with blue ray speaker to no avail. Then the tablet powered down and I could not get it to restart. Hooking up the charger and holding in the on/off button for extended periods did not work, including holding down the volume button at the same time. As described by some of your customers, I ordered your tools and spudger to open the back and briefly disconnect the battery. When the tools arrived and I was ready to attempt the repair, I tried to power up my tablet one last time before opening the back. To my surprise the tablet started up. It showed a 4% power level, so I got my charger hooked up immediately to keep it from shutting down. It has since worked fine. I think the low power level on the battery may have accomplished the same thing as disconnecting the battery. In any case I am thankful my tablet is working and I have tools for future problems.

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Not needed.

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IFIXIT is a good site to get advise.

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