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It worked perfectly!

brookeblough -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

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I dropped my phone without a case on a tile floor and the LED screen had a dark spot in the corner and white lines all through the display. The phone was physically in perfect condition, but the screen was nearly impossible to read.

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I read through all the comments on the guide and watched a youtube video of an iphone 4s breakdown beforehand, which I'm so glad I did. We went slow and double checked everything as we went along, but the extra time was worth it working the first time. It took us about 2.5 hours start to finish. There was one incident where the air displaced by moving one of the guide pages rustled the paper with the screws and there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. It happened early enough in the process that we were able to figure out what went where, though. I was so frustrated to discover that all that was wrong with my screen was a crack no longer than a centimeter in the LCD glass. Everything else was in pristine condition. When I turned my phone on after installing the new screen and getting everything back together, it worked immediately. Didn't lose any data, didn't have any trouble connecting to the network, home button works perfectly, screen is crystal clear. It's perfect.

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My boyfriend and I did this together, but I realized at the end that I could have done it by myself. I printed out a screw chart I found in a Google search (discovered the hard way that it didn't have a spot for every screw, but we worked it out). I taped big kitchen magnets to the back (old baseball schedules) and it helped keep the screws from rolling around. They can still move some, but this lessens it significantly. We also used a bright desk lamp and it would have been so much harder without it. The alcohol swab they provide is very small and I wish I would have grabbed one from the first aid kit at my office. It just dried up before I had a chance to wipe everything because you have to wipe as you go. Though, I haven't had any problems, so maybe it didn't matter that much. I also bought a white screen to go on my black phone and it looks pretty cool with the black home button in the white glass.

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