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Bricked HTC One (m7) for 1 year fixed

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iOpener Instructions

iOpener Instructions

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Voltage issue with USB port on PC made USB data pin on phone to stop working but charged just fine. Not a problem with wireless adb but while flashing new rom, I mistakenly deleted everything on the phone including the rom zip. I tried everything to get the rom zip on the phone from usb-otb to different cables to battery drains but nothing worked.

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Having given up, I got a cheap phone. While m7 sat in the closet. Recently, I was cleaning my room and spotted my m7 abandoned it didn't feel right. Decided to get a new m7 usb port and replace the faulty part. Hardest part was taking out the back cover off m7. Replaced the usb and it worked! Finally back from dead.

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Turns out m7 is really hard to get the back off without damaging the cover so I got $11 back cover replacement. Youtube video on replacing just the usb without removing all the other parts with help of tweezers helped lots. Shipping to Canada is a strange paradox, I want product to arrive fast however if I pay over ~$30USD (~$40CAD) for 2 day fedex shipping, I get charged extra $15CAD by fedex for faster customs passage. And regular delivery takes minimum 1 month and costs ~$15USD (~$20CAD). ifixit needs to update shipping speed and costs to Canada. And oh I got rid of the faulty usb ports on the PC as well, took less than 3 minutes and a Phillips screwdriver.

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