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The first of many repairs to come...

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MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211

MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 Battery Replacement

MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 Battery Replacement

Very easy

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My old laptop is barely functional as one because I never upgraded the memory, operating system, or anything else on it since I first got it before graduating college, in the school year of 2006-2007. The poor computer has been without a functional battery and surviving only on a steady diet of electricity from the power adapter (like an ICU patient on an IV, poor thing) ever since the battery finally gave up on life a couple years ago (after spending a few years not holding much charge for very long). Added to that, the optical disk drive has not been functional for quite some time now... and with the operating system not being upgraded (mostly due to the limited memory and non-functional disk drive) the computer has been unable to update internet browsers or plugins (like flash player, etc) for a long time now and therefore hardly anything involved with the internet works very well, if at all.

My budget still not generous enough to afford a new computer (yet) and not able to afford to pay someone else to fix or upgrade my computer, I was (to say the least) most intrigued by finding ifixit with all the guides and the tremendously helpful way the store is set up to tell me which specific parts are compatible with my exact model of computer to help me make sure I get the right parts! After browsing the guides and offerings in the store, I concluded that this (unless ifixit turned out too good to be true) would definitely be the best place to get affordable parts, quality repair tools and detailed advice to be able to fix my computer up and get it off of life support and out of the ICU so it can live life to the fullest once more!

Mijn oplossing

In this case, I really didn't need the instructions for how to replace the battery, but I did look at them anyway along with the other guides for the repairs I plan to do later. I love the pictures with instructions and tips from people who have already done the same repairs. I chose to replace the battery first, since none of the other repairs my computer needs will matter much if the computer were to stay tethered to life support, forever hanging onto life by a single power cord.

Getting a battery first instead of parts that require actually taking my computer apart and which would make me want to get repair tools as well before replacing... was also my little way of testing ifixit to make sure it wouldn't disappoint me before investing in ordering repair tools and internal parts later on which would add up to a bigger chuck out of my budget and more of my time spent on repairs.

Well, everything went perfectly! The battery arrived much faster than I expected it to, is the right one for my computer, new as promised, and works great!

The end result--ifixit has gained a new customer who is going to be back to order more parts later (as budget allows) and to take full advantage of the available guides!

Mijn advies

The battery replacement for this computer is definitely simple enough to perform in a dimly-lit nuclear submarine. ;)

MacBook Pro 15" Replacement Battery afbeelding
MacBook Pro 15" Replacement Battery


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