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Paul Jerome -

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

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I had only owned my iPhone 5s a couple months when the screen broke. I broke the screen while it was in my pocket, I was crawling around fixing some wiring in my house. At the time the going price for a replacement digitizer with LCD was $150.00. I waited til the prices came down and just dealt with the screen in the meantime. I finally decided to order a screen on a popular bidding site when the prices had come down considerably. But when I replaced it, the screen seemed dimmer and had a dead pixel up near the carrier signal part of the screen. I was also having problems with the earpiece. It was no longer loud enough to hear and the sensor that tells the phone it's up by your head failed too, so the phone screen stayed on when making a call. Believe it or not, I dealt with the phone in this condition for almost a year! I was ready to fix it right, and when I saw that the replacement from IFIXIT came with the extra parts mounted on the screen I knew it was time to go for it.

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I decided it was time to try a better quality replacement. I ordered the screen from IFIXIT and it came in a couple days. The build quality seemed better but the real proof was when I had installed it. It was so much brighter and responsive. It felt like I had a new phone after about a year of dealing with a substandard replacement! My phone feels like new again. I ordered the install kit with this device and my favorite part believe it or not was the suction cup. It was much beefier than the ones I had seen with other "kits".

Mijn advies

I have been fixing other iDevices for people on occasion and have started recommending parts from IFIXIT. There are cheaper parts out there but I just don't think the quality is there and I definitely like the fact that IFIXIT stands behind the products. Honestly fixing these devices can be a bit tricky and it takes some patience, but with a little effort they are certainly manageable.

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