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2008 MacBook 13" Has a New Life

Lynn Heiser -

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I paid for $75 for this MacBook 13" Late 2008 Computer . Just needed a new screen that was cracked. Everything else worked great.

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I had watched and read all of the How To Do videos and said I can do this. So I decided to replace the LCD also since the one that was installed by Apple back in 2008 was not a good model. Well I paid $47 for the new LCD model SAMSUNG LTN133AT09-G01/G02 $40 for the OEM Original Genuine Apple MacBook 13" A1278 2008 LCD Glass. OMG! It came out beautiful, Crystal Clear and Sharp. Took my time, got the LVCD cable attached great. Saw a trick on a video that if you unhook the LCD LED LVDS CABLE from the mother board you can push it through the cover gently giving you about an inch or more to connect the LCD easier. Then gently pull the cable back and re attache to the motherboard. This little computer is fast and bright, Clear and Sharp. Very proud of what I accomplished thanks to the confidence I got from IFixit. Lynn

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Do it yourself. Take your time, Read, watch videos and you will get the tricks of the trade. You also need the right tools. So go at it.

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