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Replace and Repair Mac and Win PC without problem

Andy -

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MacBook Pro SSD replacement, MacMini HDD to SSD upgrade, MacBook Air WiFi replacement and SSD replacement for warranty service, iMac 5k Display screen replacement, Samsung Ultra book keyboard replacement, Sony Replace upper cover, Lenovo DC Adapter repair, Most of all my customer try to purchase middle or high middle of laptop and desktop then they ask me to upgrade there parts. With iFixit guide and tools - i am ready for any job. Even iFixit is on my iPad lol Good to go!!

Mijn oplossing

Toolkit that i purchase from iFixit works beautifully, perfect fit, perfect hold, and it hold my strength without bend it. wow love it so much.

The very new mac series i need help from iFixit guide and other then that i am good. However even hidden security nuts don't makes me nuts any more!! lol iFixit toolkit ready for it. Recommend it to all my tech members!

Mijn advies

well i failed with Mac mini and macbook air and macbook pro unlock. because iFixit does not have T6 Security Screws yet. Also toolkit that i purchase does not have t6 security screws, so i had to purchase from amazon.com / Other then that toolkit have every thing that i need and toolkit quality are 10 / 10 max point. best of best toolkit ever i use.!!!! recommend it!!!

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Pro Tech Toolkit


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