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IPad 2 Wi-Fi front pannel fix.

Richard Van Cleave -

iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415

iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement

iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement

2 - 4 uren

Very difficult

Mijn probleem

I had dropped my iPad 2 and cracked the front panel... twice, and on two corners.

Mijn oplossing

I used the guides. All went well. I am glad I ordered all of the parts I did. As it turned out I damaged the Wi-fi antenna when taking the front off. I put everything back together, including the new antenna... unfortunately there was no Wi-Fi... I contacted customer support, via email, and within two hours Matt had new antenna shipped out via priority mail. I installed the new antenna this morning. I am happy to report that all is well!

Mijn advies

Definitely order that antenna just in case you toast yours like I did. The Front Panel assembly is a better deal than just the glass, as it turned out I did not need the bezel replacement, but it is good to have jut in case. The opening kit worked well. heating the gel filled pad for 30 sec worked for me.

It was a good experience, do not be afraid to attempt this fix. Oh smallest Phillips bit in my Ifixit tool set worked great. The magnetic tip is essential. I also used the magnetic mat to keep the screws in one place. The white and black grid helps keep the screws in order, and more importantly keeps them in one spot so you are not faced with the prospect of getting on your hands an knees searching for TINY screws on the floor.

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