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I'll Do It Myself

billarthur -

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My IPhone 5 battery was dying and I realized that it would be such a complicated procedure to replace a battery that most people just bought another phone and started another contract. I am disabled, and on a fixed income, so that option was not attractive.

Mijn oplossing

I have Parkinson's Disease, which is a motion disorder that causes both hands to tremor. I even have restrictions on my driver's license due to the continuous uncontrollable movements. Taking on a project like the one mentioned above seemed foolish and bullheaded, but I certainly have time to attempt such challenges, so I decided to give it a shot. I also have ordered the tool-kit for this project which included a fresh battery. The repair went slow because all my movements are slow. But since I was using the right tools, including the magnetic project mat, it was a complete success. I am amazed at the tiny size of the parts of this phone. I have had enough experience fixing things to expect parts, like the tiny screws, to drop to the floor, roll, or bounce off the table, and hide themselves! However, the magnetic project mat caught every one of them, whether I was letting them drop or was placing them on the mat. Since I had the right tools for the job, I now enjoy a smart-phone that holds a charge like it did when I first purchased it.

Mijn advies

I would advise all who start repairing tiny devices like smart-phones to make sure you allocate extra time for the project due to the possibly unforeseen problems that could arise. I was not as fast for me as the people on the Internet made it seem like it was for them. But, since I had the right tools for the job, I now enjoy a phone that can hold a charge like it did when it was new! Make sure you have all the right tools for the project!

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