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Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Replacement

30 minuten


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My brother accidentally ran over my phone. Needless to say, the screen became a beautiful spider web of shatteredness.

I followed the guide here:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Display Assembly Replacement

Mijn oplossing

I purchased the S5 Display Assembly and followed the guide to fixing it. The repair took me about 1 hour. But it was successful! The guide worked really well and was spot on.

Mijn advies

A couple of things:

1. Make sure all of the edges are free of shattered glass before putting the new screen on. I used a tiny flat screwdriver to get any shattered glass stuck to the adhesive around the edges of the screen.

2. If your glass is shattered, you may have difficulty using the pick lift the screen because the pick gets caught on the little glass shards. Use your pick to individually pry up shards or use a tiny flat sided screwdriver to carefully pry them up. I found you need something a little more stiff and pointy than the pick to make this happen.

3. I want to reemphasize applying heat often. If the screen feels hard to get off, put more heat on it. it make it easier and safer to continue the repair.

4. Reapply adhesive. Some of the old adhesive was still there but not a lot. This will ensure your phone remains waterproof after the repair.

Galaxy S5 Screen afbeelding
Galaxy S5 Screen


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