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iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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My son a freshman at The University of Delaware was home for break when he explained everything that was wrong with his iPhone 5. He wanted to upgrade to an iPhone 6 but when we found out that his contract was not filled and how much it would cost to do so, we immediately opened up the iFix it app and started reading!

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We agreed that he was going to be the hands on and I was going to be there as an advisor and resource to him. With his laptop opened and guides readily available we first watched the videos and then set up our parts tray, magnetic mat and laid out a working surface. In order to access the lightening connecror assembly we basically had to gut the inside. The excellent directions, illustrations and guides made it satisfying for this first time user (my son). After almost three hours of cautios hands on we had a perfectly functioning iphone 5 with a screen assembly that looked like we just picked it up from the Apple Store! With the money we saved I made it a point to enjoy an adult premium beverage!

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"Never take broken for an answer". The professionals @ iFix it have gone through the menucia. Take their lead, use the resources, advice, tools and take some pride in fixing something yourself. When all is said and done there is an invredible sense of satisfaction intaking matters into your own hands and passing on the knowledge to our next generation of techies!

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