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Watch out for ribbon cable

jeff -

iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415

iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415 Microphone Replacement

iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415 Microphone Replacement

Very difficult

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Microphone wasn't working at all. Apple wanted me to buy a new iPad (which is ridiculous).

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At "Step 29" I encountered a problem which I was not prepared for. The tiny plastic retaining clip that holds the little ribbon cable to the main circuit board went "PINGGGG!" and popped right off. Due its size and peculiarities, it took me more than an hour to put it back on.

It is shown being pried up here:

Be ever-so-careful when you perform this step!

Other than that, things went very very smoothly. It felt like I was defusing a bomb. Removing the glued-together outer layer was a frightful experience, although it was made MUCH easier thanks to the iOpener.

When I restarted my iPad, the front-facing camera was distorted/malfunctioning, but I just powered the iPad down and re-started it and everything was fine.

Apple wanted me to shell out $250 for another iPad, but I got the job done for about $50 (including postage!)using parts from iFixit.

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Be careful - oh so very very careful - opening the little retaining clip that holds down the ribbon cable to the main circuit board. If you get it back on, you'll need a magnifying glass, tweezers, nerves of steel, and the patience of a Titan to get it back into place again.

Hint: When re-attaching the retaining clip (if it popped off like it did in my unfortunate case), you must attach it in the "open" position (popped up), and with the ribbon cable NOT plugged into the little retaining socket (be sure you unplugged the ribbon cable).

Then you'll notice that there are *two* little rows of gold pins: An upper row and a lower row. You'll also notice that the little clip has a bunch of tiny holes on it. Those holes must be aligned *carefully* with the upper row of pins (the row furthest from the aluminum body of the iPad). This will not be easy, so d-e-l-i-c-a-t-e-l-y kepp on trying. You may have to do this 20 or 50 times before everything lines up right, unless you have a magnifying glass and the hands of a surgeon.

Once those holes are aligned, try to push the retaining clip onto that upper row of pins. If you are lucky, it will verry gently "snap" with a delicate action back onto the place whence it came.

If it happened the way it happened to me: May god have mercy on your soul. Be patient! It came off, so surely it can go back on. Man-handling this operation may result in bending the pins or causing other problems. If you feel frustrated, take a break for 5 min and psych yourself up to be patient and gentle, then return to work.

Furthermore, you should note that although it is tiny, there is definately a "top" "bottom" "left" and "right" side to this tiny little plastic part. There is another ribbon cable at the bottom right of the inside of your iPad which is identical to this one. That cable is still attached, so don't disturb it. Instead: Look at that one CAREFULLY under magnification, and you will see a little "groove" will be visible atop the securing plastic piece once it is in the "closed/down" position. Keep that in mind and think it through, and you'll be able to see which way to orient the little piece while you struggle to align and re-attach it.

It came off - and unless you break it or bend the pins or something, it WILL go back on. Take heart! I feel your pain!

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