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One of those Months, Broken iPad

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iPad 3 4G

iPad 3 4G Display Bezel Replacement

iPad 3 4G Display Bezel Replacement

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Very difficult

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My son was having one of those months in which all kind of things were going wrong. To complicate things more he accidentally dropped his iPad and broke the front display. He was devastated and the damage seems serious. I needed to fix it to give him some relief.

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I started looking at ways to repair it and stumble into great video in YouTube. The idea was presented so clear that I felt compelled to roll my sleeves and fix it for my kid. The video was done by iFixtIt, so I order the kit to open the iPad. To my surprise it came through the mail so fast.

I went slowly, as it was my first time dealing with a broken iPad, but all was happening nice and easy. The glass was so broken, but with the video advice to put tape on it, I was able to handle well. Once I opened I assessed the situation, and order the parts I needed.

Again, the parts came through the mail very fast, and I was able to start replacing the broken pieces. I admit that had trouble installing the Bezel, as the instructions how to put the glue on was not clear. It took me a bit to figure it out. Aside from that, all was straight forward, thanks to the video and guides at the iFixit.com website.

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It was an experience that went from really bad to great. and I found valuable the people behind iFixIt.com. They had put a greater solution for Apple devices users. The broken iPad looks like new, and I am very pleased to have fixed with iFixit.com solutions and services.

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